Singular Sound's Quick Gift Guide: Pedals, Accessories and More

Singular Sound's Quick Gift Guide: Pedals, Accessories and More

It's December 6th. Have you finished your holiday shopping? Well done if you have! But if not, there's no reason to worry. 

Whether you've got a musician in the family or want to drop a hint about your wish list, we're here to help you out. Read on for our official Quick Gift Guide -- everything you'll need to pick the perfect present for friends and family. 

The Cabli: Efficient, affordable, smile-inducing

An image of a guitar, amplifier, and a Cabli connecting the cable between them.

What it does: 

The Cabli is our innovative cable management solution. The lightweight, compact device winds both ends of your audio cables at once, finishing in seconds flat.

  • Keep cords safe, extend the life of your guitar cables.
  • Pull the perfect amount of slack every time
  • Fit all your favorites: 1/4", XLR, right-angle, MIDI, SpeakOn (more. . .)
  • Christmas-colored (looks pretty beneath the tree) 

Perfect for: 

  • The cable collector
  • The neat freak 
  • The studio aficionado 
  • The stage designer 

What they'll say: 

  1. "I didn't even know they made these!"
  2. "I've been waiting for something like this . . ." 
  3. "Are you calling me messy?" 

The BeatBuddy: Dynamic, powerful, authentic

An image of the BeatBuddy drum machine pedal and its box

What it does: 

The BeatBuddy brings the best feature of a drum machine and guitar pedal in one compact device. Choose from hundreds of styles and genres, customize fills and transitions, switch song parts on demand, and so much more. 

  • 24-bit studio quality sound
  • Real, drummer-recorded drum beats
  • Software to create and edit beats, make setlists and more.
  • Add amazing new packs, sets, and songs on demand from the Premium Library

Perfect for: 

  • The solo artist 
  • The jam-session hero 
  • The sick-and-tired of unreliable drummers
  • The pedalboard builder

What they'll say

  • "This is going to change my gigs forever." 
  • "Look at all these options!"
  • "I can finally kick Jeff out of the band" 

BeatBuddy MINI 2: Lightweight, Inventive, Affordable

What it does: 

BeatBuddy MINI 2 offers the same core functionality as the BeatBuddy in an ultra-portable, authentic-sounding drummer pedal. 

  • 200+ styles and genres
  • 16-bit gig-standard sound 
  • Dynamic function knobs (change tempo, genre, volume, song) 
  • Beat-display screen to keep perfect time

Perfect for

  • The beginner guitarist 
  • The budget-minded professional
  • The minimalist performer 
  • The coffee-shop favorite 

What they'll say:

  • "I never knew how badly I needed this!" 
  • "This fits perfectly on my board." 
  • "Jeff's still getting kicked out of the band." 

Aeros Loop Studio: Innovative Live Looping 

The front of the Aeros Loop Studio looper pedal

What it does

The Aeros Loop Studio is a multi-track looper pedal that transcends traditional looping boundaries. Write loops in parallel and sequentially, mix tracks live, go freeform, and more. 

  • Up to 36 unique loops per song 
  • High-res touch screen display w/ color-coded waveforms 
  • 24-bit studio grade playback 
  • Dynamic Read memory (up to 10 hours mono recording)

Perfect for: 

  • The guitar pedal addict 
  • The experimental musician 
  • The professional guitarist 
  • The genre-bending songwriter

What they'll say:

  • "It does all of that?" 
  • "It's so beautiful . . ." 
  • "Sorry y'all, I'm going to try this out."  

More Quick-Pick Options!

An angled photo of the MIDI Maestro and cell phone with the MIDI Maestro mobile app open

  1. Footswitch+: the multi-purpose two button footswitch.
    1. Amplifies the BeatBuddy's features 
    2. Quiet, momentary switch tops 
    3. Compact and lightweight 
  2. MIDI Maestro: 6-screen MIDI foot controller with a mobile app for MIDI customization.
    1. Built-in modes for BeatBuddy and Aeros Loop Studio
    2. Create custom configurations for your favorite gear
    3. Smaller than cumbersome tabletop controllers
  3. BeatBuddy MIDI Adapter: the unique, custom-made cable to connect your BeatBuddy with MIDI gear
    1. PS/2 to 5-pin MIDI 
    2. Low-profile for space-saving convenience 
    3. Only $20
  4. Universal M2M MIDI Cable: classic, durable 5-pin to 5-pin MIDI cable
    1. Secure, consistent connection
    2. Low-latency to prevent delays 
    3. Molded connector shells for long-lasting durability 

Sending best wishes to you and yours!

From the whole team at Singular Sound, we hope your holiday season is full of warmth, camaraderie, and joy. In order to give you the best service possible this month, we wanted to share a couple things to keep in mind. 

  • We will be observing a company vacation later in the month, we will send out an email, text, and blog post to give further info there. 
  • If you haven't signed up for emails and texts, get in the loop and get an exclusive discount coupon!

If you made our gear a part of your holiday, we'd love to see it! Share your pictures and videos with us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Click each link to follow our socials. 

Happy holidays, and keep rockin!

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