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BeatBuddy MINI 2 Personal Drummer at an angle, showing the volume knob, footswitch and screen.
BeatBuddy MINI 2 Personal Drummer at an angle, showing the volume knob, footswitch and screen.
The back of the BeatBuddy MINI 2, with the Singular Sound logo.
The bottom of the BeatBuddy MINI 2 drum machine pedal, showing the power supply input.
The front of the BeatBuddy MINI 2, with the screen set to a
BeatBuddy MINI 2
BeatBuddy MINI 2


BeatBuddy MINI 2 Drummer Pedal


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With the BeatBuddy MINI 2 Drummer Pedal, use your foot to take full control over your drummer including transitions, fills, intros, and more.

The ergonomic button makes this drummer pedal perfect for playing or jamming out when wearing socks (or barefoot)!

Over 200 styles and samples of professional drummers result in a versatile and organic feeling drum machine.



The BeatBuddy MINI 2 drummer pedal is a more compact and affordable version of the award winning BeatBuddy drummer pedal. It’s used by School of Rock, Taylor Robinson Guitar, Frost School of Music (University of Miami), and more as a tool for efficient and engaging practice.

The ability to play along with beats sampled from professional drummers and control them with nothing but your feet will help you improve your musical talent faster than ever before. Most importantly, the fun you’ll be having along the way will keep you coming back for more.


  • High-quality 16-bit sound and samples of professional drummers.
  • Same core functionality and samples as the BeatBuddy drummer pedal in a smaller, more affordable package.
  • No programming necessary for live, hands-free control of the beat.
  • Works with any sound system and any instrument.
  • An ergonomic button that’s perfect for jamming or practicing in socks or barefoot.




  • 4.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 in
  • 10.6 oz


  • Press the pedal to start the beat with an intro fill.
  • Add a fill buy pressing the pedal at any point during a song.
  • Press and hold the pedal to transition to a song’s next part (verse to chorus).
  • Double tap the pedal to end the song with an outro fill.
  • Use the built in visual metronome to keep on the beat.

Included Content:

  • 9 drum sets
  • 24 genres
  • 200+ styles
  • All time signatures

Sound Quality:

  • High-quality 16-bit sound
  • Recordings of professional drummers
  • Use with any sound system including headphones.

Included in the Box:

  • BeatBuddy MINI 2
  • Power adapter

Optional Accessories:

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