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See The BeatBuddy In Action!

Meet The BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal

Bring professional drums to your pedalboard. Built like a guitar pedal
stompbox, the BeatBuddy delivers authentic, studio-quality drum beats
wherever you play. Experiment with 220+ styles and 24 genres to find
your perfect match. Customize your performance with fills, transitions,
intros and outros by simply tapping your foot.

BeatBuddy’s dynamic, award-winning samples play in 24-bit studio-grade sound with
32-bit floating point processing. Utilize near-endless memory to add up
to 3 million songs using an SD card. Included BeatBuddy Manager software
lets you create and edit custom beats, create set lists and more.

Add the Footswitch+ to your lineup for custom accent hits, pause/unpause, control commands and more when synced with the BeatBuddy.


Drum Machine


~500 (220 Songs, 2+ Patterns Each) (Expandable)


10 Drum Sets (Expandable), 100MB Max Per Drum Set

Sample Rate


Bit Depth


Authentic Drum Beats

Performed and recorded by real, professional drummers

True Stereo 24-bit Audio

Perform in studio grade sound

Foot-activated Content Control

Browse songs, beats and styles hands-free

Authentically Recorded, Carefully Produced: Our Award-winning Drum Samples

Move beyond artificial-sounding drum machines. Digitally created beats make digital
sounds. The BeatBuddy takes a different approach. Every single hit, kit
and loop built-in to the BeatBuddy is recorded on real drum kits by
real-life drummers. Through a thoughtful, thorough recording process, we
ensure our drum loops sound like the real thing.

Explore the BeatBuddy Premium Library to see every style, genre and song available for your pedal. Join the Singular Sound user forum to find tons of free, user-made content, as well as tips, guides and advice from fellow musicians.

Over 200 Available Styles

With dozens of genres and drum sets

Feature-packed BeatBuddy Manager Software

Upload sounds, edit beats, create setlists and more

Expansive Premium Library

Search beats by song, artist, genre and style

Seamlessly Integrate with your Aeros

The Aeros and BeatBuddy feature a plug and play integration, easily syncing song start, transitions and song stop via MIDI.

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Seamlessly Integrate with your MIDI Maestro

With the MIDI Maestro’s BeatBuddy mode, you’ll be able to access new functionality like a wider array of accent hits, song part selection, one press stop and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
BeatBuddy is an amazing tool.

The sound quality, drum beat choices, genres, drum sets, and foot operation make for a perfect tool for gigging musicians and studios. The unit and its Manager software are deep and have potential for much more dynamic uses than initially appear on the surface. The optional dual foot switch is a must-have for foot scrolling thru menus, pausing/stopping beats, hitting cymbal accents, and more. The Manager software is a bit intimidating and somewhat confusing at first, but there are many videos that Singular Sound and users have created that are available on the Singular Sound website and Youtube. In addition, there is a Forum and some Facebook pages where one can get help, get answers to questions, and obtain user-created beats and suggestions. I give the unit 5 stars. My one ask would be that I'd like to see them simplify the Manager software if possible sometime in the future.


All I can say is Wow! This pedal sounds amazing and you can’t be out of sync with it! Awesome piece of gear! Get yourself one because you won’t be disappointed!

Barry Yow
Beatbuddy Bargain

Had been thinking about a back-up unit for my Beatbuddy which I have used in solo shows for years now, since they were first introduced. Saw this special sale and very happy with the unit. Works perfectly and simplifies my rehearsals as I can leave my primary on my pedalboard. Thanks Singular sound for a great product and great deal!

Rusty B
I needed this decades ago

I started out with the beat buddy mini and decided I wanted to expand my possibilities with big beat buddy. I mostly sing and play guitar solo so it has been great to finally have a drummer. The beat buddy has helped with my timing, rhythm, my song writing , creativity, and got me out of a guitar playing rut. I am hoping they come out with a pack of surf rock beats..hint hint. I highly recommend this product.