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The Complete History of the Singular Sound Footswitch

Premium Foot Switch Versatility, With An Eye For Design

With a unique angled design for comfortable performance, the Footswitch+ balances sleekness and functionality. Momentary foot switches provide a more custom operation than latching switches, giving you the edge during live performances.

Designed to be the perfect companion, you can use Footswitch+ with the BeatBuddy or BeatBuddy MINI 2 to add accent hits, pause/unpause the beat, choose song, genre and BPM hands-free.

The Footswitch+ is the best multi purpose 2 button foot switch on the market. Comfort, strength, and versatility combine to boost your music, on-stage or in the studio.


Dual Momentary Footswitch

Number Of Footswitches



1 x 1/4" TRS

Power Source




Ergonomic Button Design

Perfect for playing barefoot

Momentary Switches

Quiet momentary switches enable hold and release functions

Simple Functionality

Easy-to use right out of the box

Low-Profile, Lightweight, Long-Lasting

The Footswitch+ is designed to work with your gear and complement your workflow. To accomplish that, we built it compact enough to fit easily on your pedalboard, and lightweight enough to be portable when you need it. 

Songwriters, studios and gigging musicians alike love the Footswitch+ for its reliability. Its all-metal construction keeps it safe through the whole tour, and ensures an accidental drop won't ruin your whole gig. 

Each Footswitch+ comes with a premium 1/4", right-angled TRS cable, letting you pair your devices right away.

Advanced Tempo control

Half-time and double-time tracks on command

Instant Sync With the BeatBuddy

Add even more to your drum machine

Space-saving1/4", Right-Angle TRS Cable

Included with the Footswitch+

Seamlessly Integrate with your BeatBuddy

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Seamlessly Integrate with your MIDI Maestro

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Filippe Borelli

I've been using the beatbuddy pedal for a long time in my shows. I'm a fan. I have 2 of them. I already had a problem with the pedal switch. Anyway, I think you could improve the footswitch click, it is noisy for small and quiet environments.

Bennie Jordan
Great Foot Switch.

Switch works great with the Beat Buddy.

Edward Scanni
Great add on To the Beat Buddy!

Loving my BB pedal, but adding the Foot Switch + was a major upgrade. The versatility of this switch makes using the BB for live situations so much easier!

Philip von Stade

Simple, effective, quiet….

Andy Fekete
Adds additional functionality to the Beat Buddy Mini 2

I really like how it enables you to add additional cymbal crashes at will or pause the beat by using the two foot switches. I also really like the large switch button size so it's easy on your feet if playing barefoot.