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Custom-Made MIDI Adapter For The BeatBuddy

The BeatBuddy was designed after a great deal of experimentation, testing and development. In order to keep the drum machine the optimal size and format, we found that the standard 5-pin MIDI in and out ports wouldn't fit. So we had to utilize a custom port, the PS/2 port , to be exact. (If you’re old enough to remember, these were the main connectors for keyboards and mice before USB became the standard.)

 The BeatBuddy MIDI Adapter Cable connects to the PS/2 port and breaks it out into separate 5-pin MIDI in and out ports. Use it alongside standard 5-pin MIDI cables to connect with MIDI controllers, DAWs, and any other MIDI-enabled gear. Once connected, the BeatBuddy can act as either the sender (also referred to as "master") or receiver (also referred to as "slave").


MIDI Adapter Cable



Connector 1


Connector 2

2 x MIDI 5-pin

Reliable Pro Quality Signal

No dropped notes or stuck commands

Versatile Simultaneous In/Out

Sends and receives MIDI commands

Low Latency Stay in Sync

No delays when used in MIDI pass through

Instant Sync With Aeros Loop Studio And MIDI Maestro

The BeatBuddy, Aeros Loop Studio, and MIDI Maestro stand on their own as powerful units. However, they were also designed to work perfectly together. With the MIDI adapter, you can easily link up your drum machine and looper for tons of added benefits. 

Auto-quantize tracks to the beat, group stop/start, match bpm, and more on both devices at once, or control your MIDI commands via the MIDI Maestro.

Reinforced Molded-shell Connectors

Long-lasting durability and performance

Noise-free Opto Isolated

Wiring designed to avoid ground loops

Secure Firm Connection

Meticulous QC to prevent accidental unplugging

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Beat Buddy!!!!!

Sounds like drums!!!!!

Revmcvey51 Revmcvey51

Product seems to be quality build and love singular sound

Midi Adapter

Works perfectly.

Laurence MacNeill
The only way to do MIDI on your Beat Buddy...

Works as expected. It's clear that there just wasn't enough physical space on the Beat Buddy to fit two full-size MIDI ports, so this is a good solution, despite the fact that it's proprietary. Nice that they offer a MIDI option at all -- they definitely didn't need to do that.

Wayne Achey
MIDI Adapter

The adapter works well just as intended.