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An Overview of The MIDI Maestro

The Next-Gen MIDI Controller with Built-In Screens and Mobile-App Customization

The MIDI Maestro foot controller is equipped with built-in screens and a
mobile app for on-the-go customization. A streamlined, compact
construction and ergonomic buttons deliver an incredible performance
experience. Control your pedals all in one place, switch presets and FX
with ease, and take command of your next gig or studio session. 

MIDI Maestro is engineered with built-in modes for the BeatBuddy and Aeros Loop Studio.
Utilize hands-free song control over the Aeros, one-touch undo/redo
mute/unmute commands, and the change the order of your song parts.
Adjust BeatBuddy's tempo, double and half time your beats, add accent
hits and more on-demand.


MIDI Foot Controller


Custom Mode, BeatBuddy Mode, Aeros Mode, 10 x Dynamic Pages per Preset


iOS App, Android App

Number of Footswitches



5-pin in/out, Bluetooth

Built-in High-visibility Screens

Easily see all your presets and commands

Ergonomic Premium Buttons

So comfortable, you could play barefoot

Feature-packed Mobile App

For on-the-go MIDI customization

A Mobile-App for MIDI Customization, and a Custom Mode to Match your Gear

The MIDI Maestro Mobile App was recently re-released with a streamlined UX
and additional features. It’s easier than ever to create, tweak, and
upload MIDI configurations for your devices, including your favorite FX
and Exp. pedals using the Custom Mode

Explore user-generated MIDI commands, save, edit and upload your modes, plus
get on-the-go customization access. The MIDI Maestro Mobile App is
available for iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play Store now.

Auto-sync For BeatBuddy & Aeros

Dedicated modes for Singular Sound gear

Comprehensive Custom Mode

Control your favorite FX and Exp. pedals

Space-saving Compact Construction

Total MIDI control without massive devices

Seamlessly Integrate with your BeatBuddy

With the MIDI Maestro’s BeatBuddy mode, you’ll be able to access new functionality like a wider array of accent hits, song part selection, one press stop and more.

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Seamlessly Integrate with your Aeros

Using the MIDI Maestro’s built in Aeros mode, you can gain access to a plethora of powerful MIDI commands like reverse, fade to mute, part selection and more all with a single press of a button.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
wayne bucknall
New toys

This is a game changer for me. I’m an old guy learning new skills it’s brilliant. So easy I know nothing about tech things it’s just plug and play.

Julian Puente

This is perfect for my Beat Buddy hands free control adjustments.

What's better than one MIDI Maestro?

TWO MIDI Maestros!! Have so many things going on during the gig that I found 2 MIDI Maestros made it easy to navigate points in my songs without worry of accidentally hitting the wrong button. 12 button layout gave me a lot of flexibility in triggering events in my Aeros and midi setup. The App allowed me to fully customize each page and switch to my needs.


Just what I needed. Just push the button once. Get back to part 1 from part 3 easily.

Anthony Donnelly

Mostly works great. Except either the power cord given with the maestro or the power input in the unit can be a bit finicky. Can turn off unexpectedly if cord isn't exactly held in the right position. I'm using it for gigs but it's definitely giving me anxiety that it's going to turn off mid set! But as a unit the midi makes using the BB and aeros so much easier

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