Footswitch+: 4 Ways to Master Your Foot Switch Pedal

Footswitch+: 4 Ways to Master Your Foot Switch Pedal


When we released the BeatBuddy drum machine pedal, we created a two-button footswitch pedal to pair it with. 

Since then there have been three more generations, culminating in the Footswitch+, a new and amped up version that takes the BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2 to the next level with customizable options and long-term durability. 


It lets you add accent hits to your beats, pause/unpause songs, tap tempo, alter the BPM and more. 

However, the Footswitch+ goes beyond that. Mastering its functions will help expand your creative potential and make the BeatBuddy drummer pedal an even greater powerhouse

Here's 4 How-To's for Singular Sound's Footswitch+

#1: Change Folders, Songs, and Beats Hands-Free 

Our product development team pays close attention to the critiques and requests we receive on our User Forum. One we see often is that musicians don't want to have to bend down to scroll through different genres and sets while they're performing live. 

It's worth noting that, for BeatBuddy users who don't have a foot switch, you can make playlists on the BeatBuddy to save all the different songs for your set in one place.

However, you can also scroll and surf the BeatBuddy library hands-free with Footswitch+ ergonomic buttons

To activate this ability, go into your BeatBuddy settings. From there, select Footswitch Settings. On that menu, you can change what action the BeatBuddy will perform if the external footswitch is pressed. Set this option to perform the "song/previous song" while stopped.

A picture from Instagram of the Aeros Loop Studio, BeatBuddy and Footswitch+ connected together on the floor, with someone's shoes visible near the bottom of the image.

#2: Customize Your Accents + Effects 

You can edit the actions performed by these two buttons using the BeatBuddy Manager. 

For instance, the default accent hit is a crash cymbal. If you would prefer it to be an open hi-hat, a ride cymbal, or a bass drum strike, you can change it easily. 

Here's some other unique functions you can use: 

  • A comedic rimshot (ba dum tsss)
  • A cymbal swell 
  • Crash outro (the more abrupt hit and hold crash cymbal you're familiar with)

#3: Use as a Momentary Switch

We engineered the Footswitch+ to work in tandem with the BeatBuddy, but not only with the BeatBuddy. 

You can use it as a momentary footswitch to close the circuit on a signal temporarily. Momentary footswitches are only active when your foot is pressing down on the pedal. They are distinct from latching foot switches, which "latch" into place, and keep the function active until pressed again. 

With the Footswitch+ operating as a momentary switch pedal, you can control sound effects, activate sustain on a synthesizer or electronic keyboard, start and stop sequencers, drum machines and more.

Guitarists can use it to switch channels on amplifiers, and bring a greater amount of command to their pedalboard and performances. 

#4: Play Barefoot for Maximum Comfort

Perhaps it's not so much a tip as it is a suggestion, but something we love about the latest Footswitch+ is that it is designed to be playable without shoes on. 

It comes with ergonomic, easy-press buttons, unlike the clunkier, sharper buttons you'll find on many other foot switch pedals. 

It might sound silly, but having gear that is ready to play without any prep can pay dividends when it comes better practice, and the sheer enjoyment of playing music

Hear It From the Users Themselves 

We have a diverse and active user forum for musicians, producers and enthusiasts to discuss Singular Sound gear, making music, and addressing concerns. 

Tons of talented users find new ways to write, practice and perform with the BeatBuddy and Footswitch+, and they share their insights with all of us. 

Sign up to join our community, and get the lowdown on all the ways a footswitch can boost your creativity. Plus, get a full rundown of every Firmware Update on the Aeros Loop Studio, BeatBuddy and MIDI Maestro from the developers themselves. 

We're always looking for new ideas proposed by our forum members, and working hard to address the concerns we see mentioned in discussions. Join the party! We can't wait to see you there. 

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We're here to help you get the most out of your Singular Sound gear, so you spend more time engaging with the things you're most passionate about. Keep us up to date on your endeavors, and most of all,

Keep rockin'


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Travis Gouré (Singular Sound Content Specialist)

Travis Gouré (Singular Sound Content Specialist)

Hey Denny! Thank you for the comment. We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed the BeatBuddy. If you’d like some help accessing your forum account, you can email!

Denny Simon

Denny Simon

I can’t seem to remember what my password is. I have owned a BB for almost 4 years now and I love it. It’s very easy to use. I use with a Boss RC 300, it synched together like it is supposed to and works great! I’m a singer songwriter and write intro verse chorus. I also use a GR 55 with my setup. However I can’t remember my password to get on your forum. Thanks BB!

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