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Give Your Talent A Boost

Stereo Audio Quality

The sweet sound of shredding

Bidirectional Input Output

Either port can be in or out

Functional Volume control

Crank it to 11

Balanced Audio Output

For a clean guitar solo

A New Frontier In Music Science

It's been said that innate talent is a myth. For centuries, scientists have debated the role of genetics in our "gifts." Most of them agree that talent is a product of diligent, consistent work over a long, long period of time. They say that you can't simply bottle up talent and deliver it whenever you want. We disagreed. 

Singular Sound worked tirelessly to examine the qualities and mechanisms of talented people. From athletes to brain surgeons, we did our research. What we created is something the world has never seen: The Talent Knob. 

Using an algorithm derived from the brain's digenetic matrices, and a proprietary method of dendrite multiplication, we've condensed an incredible amount of talent into one simple knob. Never mess up a guitar solo again. Write the album of your dreams. Impress your crush with ease.



Audio Quality

1/4" input/output




Balanced, Stereo

Cutting Edge Science And Industry-Grade Audio

The Talent Knob offers balanced, transparent, stereo audio output, so that you can make sure you hear all that sweet talent

Plus, 1/4" jacks are bi-directional, meaning either one can act as the input or output. Guitar goes in one end, shredding goes out the other. 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality

We have two beat buddy’s and footswitches in our studio. They are always reliable, great sounding and ready to go.

This passive volume **** seemed like a fun idea… it’s useful to control the guitarists volume from the main mix position. Good solid quality like all the beat buddy products 👍🏻

Kevin Levesque
My favorite ****

The first time I came in contact with the Talent **** was a soul-shattering, cathartic event unlike no other in my life. With a simple twist of this **** I was able to plumb the depths and skim the heights of the musical universe and find my true voice as a guitarist! It felt really good :) Kevin

N. Halverson
Talent **** Review

I love my new Talent ****. It is the best Talent **** I've ever used. On low energy days I just turn the **** down and high energy days I turn it up. Most of the time I leave it in the middle for the max versatility.

Dave “the knob” Engedal
Never Have I Played So Well!!

The “Talent ****” has given me that extra talent I’ve been searching for most of my playing life!! And SO easy to run…..need a little boost of talent? Just give the “****” a little turn….and boom, you’re instantly transformed into SRV land!!! I love my pedal!

Stephen Braddy
Giving the Gift of "Talent"

This **** arrived in time to make a great gift this Christmas! Thanks.