Playing Worship Music with the BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal

Playing Worship Music with the BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal


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Performing worship music is important to any congregation. It helps people to engage with the service and builds a community around your church's message. 

Creating a powerful sound involves a great deal of practice. Bands that perform worship music have to work hard to get their music tight. Having the right gear can help Sunday service go off without a hitch. 

Our BeatBuddy drum machine pedal is the perfect companion for performing worship music. It shows up on time, stays in time, and expands the creative possibilities at your disposal. 

Make better worship music with the BeatBuddy. Here's how it works: 

Better Symmetry with BeatBuddy 

Being a worship leader is a huge undertaking. And when you're leading the band, that means you need to dictate how the drums are being played and when. You need your dummer to change tempo and volume on a dime. 

Sometimes, that's tough to find. The BeatBuddy drum machine pedal gives you that right out of the box. You can switch song parts, add transition fills, adjust accent hits and change the volume with the tap of your foot. That means your drums are on point every time

That means less practice time, and more confidence. Not to mention, practicing to an authentic, professionally recorded drum beat is better than a click, and everyone in the band is going to improve as a result. 

Truth is, a lot of church bands can't practice every single day. Having to meet up with a drummer for every practice is daunting. By getting yourself a BeatBuddy you can always practice to a beat, whether you play guitar, bass or keys. Practice by yourself so that when you come together, every one is sync.

You may have heard that the drums are the most vital component of worship music. That's because it drives the energy of the song. The BeatBuddy gives you complete command over that energy, and that means your message will shine through. 

Listen to two top-notch Worship Leaders explain how it works for them: 


Authentic Sound, Authentic Content

Every single drum pack we release is recorded on real drum kits. Most drum machines can't hold a candle to the real thing, and that's a shame. When the drums sound plastic or robotic, it doesn't produce authentic energy. 

Think about it. A drum kit isn't just an amalgamation of noise. The bass drum, snare drum and kick drum all have their own frequencies, and you play them with dynamic velocities. 

And that's what gospel music is all about. Bringing an authentic message through sincere sound. When you take the stage with the BeatBuddy, you're bringing truly professional drum samples with you. With studio quality 24bit non-quantized sound, you get a drummer pedal that sounds human

Here's how we do it:

Hundreds of Drum Styles to Play With

Experimentation is an important component of musical growth. Guitarists -- worship music guitarists in particular -- often work hard to build a pedal board with tons of unique effects. This way, when they need to create a powerful atmosphere, they are always up to the task. 

A drum machine app can't effectively simulate a real church drum kit. The best drum for church is one that can match the diversity of your worship set, which often spans genres, moods and tempos.

The BeatBuddy comes right out of the box with more than 220 drum styles, 24 genres, and 10 different customizable drum sets. Mix and match sounds to complement your performance style. Play a hard rock style on a Latin drum set. Techno patterns on blues drums. If you can think it, you can play it. 

Want more? Singular Sound's Premium Library is absolutely stacked with our latest beat inventions. We recently released packs like "Jazz Beats," "Brazilian Percussion," "Modern Classic," and many more. You can get all of them (we mean lots of them) packed into one Premium Library SD card for only $219. Here's what's included: 


BeatBuddy Premium Library Content Summary

The BeatBuddy Song Matcher

Want to cover one of your favorite worship tracks? We built a powerful song matching tool that gives you the precise beat you need to perform classic worship songs. 

Tracks like "Mighty to Save," by Hillsong and "Who am I (Friend of God)" by Casting Crowns are part of our default library. That means you can get matching beats for free. The beat patterns we've included are versatile enough to be used an any kind of service, whether you're playing traditional hymns or progressive rock. 

Playing a recognizable, powerful song is a wonderful way to engage your audience. We've made it easier than ever. The BeatBuddy drum pedal and BeatBuddy song matcher are the ultimate dynamic duo for worship bands. 

The BeatBuddy Manager for Drum Set Customization

Speaking of customization, the BeatBuddy Manager software comes included with every BeatBuddy. Use it to create, name and organize your different projects, make edits to accent hits and sounds, and upload them to your drum machine pedal using an SD card. 

Check out the BeatBuddy Manager tutorial below: 


You can also use that SD card to get the latest BeatBuddy updates from our development team. Most of them are free! We try to put one out every couple of months. With customer feedback and passionate experimentation, we are always working to take the BeatBuddy to the next level. Let your gear evolve with you. 

Here's What You Need to Know

Purchasing a BeatBuddy drum machine pedal from Singular Sound is an investment. It pays dividends from the practice room to the stage. The authentic, award-winning sounds are sure to engage the congregation, and the vast array of styles is perfect for any church band looking to practice and hone their sound. 

Plus, your BeatBuddy comes equipped with a 2 year warranty and top-of-the-line support. It's built to last. 

Join thousands of musicians across the world taking their performances to the next level with the BeatBuddy. Get better results from the stage to the studio. Make sure to check out the rest of our innovative gear on the Singular Sound main page. 

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Keep worshipping, and keep rockin' everyone. 

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