Read Before You Update your Aeros Loop Studio to Firmware 5.0.0

Read Before You Update your Aeros Loop Studio to Firmware 5.0.0

Hey Aerosnauts! Our most ambitious firmware update yet is already out on beta. Aeros Loop Studio version 5.0.0 contains some long-awaited and often requested features. 

Read on to hear about some of the big additions. But first, we want to give you an important heads up. 

Aeros Loop Studio is Changing File Types 

Firmware 5.0.0 will alter the construction of Aeros song file structure. This will only happen if you convert your files when you download the update. A pop up with the convert option will show anytime the old file structure is detected.

This shouldn't pose any problems to your data. However, to be extra safe, we recommend hitting ‘NO’ to the convert pop up and backing up your existing Aeros files before starting the conversion process

Don't worry, we've got a quick tutorial to help you complete that process. Read up on the Aeros Loop Studio 5.0.0 forum post to see how

5.0.0 New Features and Changes

This is by no means a complete list, but here's some of the incredible new capabilities and features coming to the Aeros: 

Backing Tracks 

By far one of the most requested features for the Aeros looper, we've finally brought it to life. Play along to a backing track by using the SD card to load .wav files (24 bit 44.1kHz PCM) directly onto the Aeros.

Hands-Free Navigation

We've done an overhaul of the looper's UX. Navigate menus and customize options hands-free using the Aeros wheel and buttons. 


Create a quantized song from your freeform recording on the fly. The Aeros can automatically detect your tempo and loop length, quantizing your track to 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 measures within a customizable tempo range. If you set the length manually, you will have access to the full 40-300 BPM range on the Aeros.

New MIDI Capabilities 

The Aeros can now act as a MIDI Transmitter (Master), sending internal clock, time signature, transitions, start/stop commands, and more via its MIDI Output. When in MIDI Transmitter mode, the Aeros can still respond to any incoming CC commands.


Choose whether you’d like the Aeros to start recording once the button is pressed, or have the button arm the Aeros to record only once the instrument is played. For the latter, a recording will only begin when the audio reaches the Auto-Record threshold. The threshold is editable in the Behavior settings.


We're excited for you to try out all of the new features, and to see the music you make with the expanded functionality and creative possibilities. Now's a perfect time to join the Singular Sound forum and see all the discussion around the Aeros Loop Studio. 

Follow our social media channels for demos, jams, jokes, and sign up for our email newsletter to stay ahead of the game. 

Thank you so much for reading, and keep rockin!

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