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The BeatBuddy MINI 2 Reviewed

Meet The BeatBuddy MINI 2

The BeatBuddy’s little brother packs massive sound into a compact, portable
pedal. The perfect blend of a drum machine and stompbox, BeatBuddy MINI
2 lets you mix and match hundreds of styles, genres and drum sets.
Switch song parts, add intros, transitions, and ever-shifting fills with
the tap of a foot. 

The BeatBuddy MINI 2 comes equipped with an on-screen visual metronome,
volume wheel, and all-purpose foot switch. Change between beats on the
fly and stay engaged with your creativity and live performance.


Drum Machine


~500 (220 Songs, 2+ Patterns Each


9 Drum Sets

Sample Rate


Automatic Light-up Cues

Tracks your transitions and fills

Built-in Beat Display Screen

See the current drum set, bpm and time signature

Two Dynamic Function Knobs

Customize volume, genre, song and tempo

Authentically Recorded, Carefully Produced: Drum Samples like the Real Thing

Move beyond artificial-sounding drum samples. The MINI 2 elevates midi drum loops.
Every single hit, kit and loop built-in to our drum machine is recorded
on real drum kits by professional drummers. Through a thoughtful,
thorough recording process, we ensure our drum kits sound true to the
real thing. 

Lightweight and space-saving, BeatBuddy MINI 2 is the perfect
accompaniment to your setup. On the road or on your pedalboard, bring
high-quality 16-bit audio to your next show.

Over 200 Dynamic styles and genres

Find the perfect match for your music

Space-saving Compact construction

More room on your pedalboard

Dependable Lightweight metal housing

Without sacrificing durability

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Stephen Ohnsman
Easy to use and very diverse

I’ve tried a couple of other pedals and they’re either super complicated or very limited. This pedal is very user friendly and diverse. I am loving this pedal!

Brian Mincher
Great product!

Love both the BeatBuddy and the BeatBuddy Mini 2, can’t say enough good things about them.

Andy Fekete
Works great

I play mainly by myself and the BeatBuddy MINI 2 really provides an added dimension to my playing.

Shane O'Brien
I needed a Time Keeper Tool and Drummer for Pre-Production works for a New CD

I have been writing new material to present to my band for a block of studio time, that should result in a new CD to be released later in 2024. The Beat Buddy II has been providing me with a bunch of drum loops that fit the bill just fine. Easy to manipulate in finding example of every groove, and the Led screen has the exact information for an actual drummer to understand exactly what I'm shooting for in each and every track before sessions begin. The Genre, the bpm and time signatures. My pre-production demos will be exactly what they are intended to be. One man band versions of each song to guide our session work in creating Live Band renditions of each track.

Marie R
Beatbuddy Mini2

Great drum machine, the song finder is not that great, it doesn’t show all the songs and artists. I happened to go on the Singular facebook page, and there I found a better link for the song finder page that lists all the songs and artists. Although even though I typed in a few that I saw on the website they still didn’t show up in the results.

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