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Get to know the Aeros Loop Studio

Unlock Limitless Creativity with Aeros Loop Studio: The Ultimate Looper Pedal

Transcend musical boundaries with the Aeros Loop Studio. Create,
perform and record both parallel and sequential loops. Dual modes and
quantization options adapt to your playing style. Intuitive hands-free
navigation and silent footswitches offer a superior playing experience. 

The Aeros Loop Studio is packed with powerful, innovative features. Use
the built-in Mixer Mode to adjust track volumes on the fly. Import your
own backing tracks to fuel your performance. Loop without stress thanks
to error-friendly features like auto quantize, Intelligent
End-of-Measure Forgiveness, and easy undo/redo commands. The Aeros Loop Studio can serve as a MIDI transmitter (Master) or receiver (slave)
sending and receiving a plethora of MIDI commands like time signature,
transitions, start/stop and more.

Utilize built-in effects like auto-fade in/out, reverse track and loop decay.
Record up to 20 minutes of mono audio per track (10 hours per song). The
Aeros Loop Studio elevates recording and songwriting with studio-grade
24-bit audio and 32-bit floating point processing. Operate line and
instrument levels, send your inputs anywhere, and select between stereo
and mono audio.


Looper Pedal with Digital Mixer


6 x Song Parts, 6 x Stereo Tracks, Unlimited Song Memories

Looping Time

20 Minutes Mono (1-track), 48hrs Mono (Max Memory w/ 32GB Card)


Reverse, Fade In/Out, Loop Decay


4 (L/R Main + Aux L/R)


7 x Digital

Signal Processing

32-bit Floating Point

Sample Rate


Bit Depth


Parallel and Sequential Looping Capabilities

Write complete songs with multiple tracks

On-board Live Mixing View

Adjust track volumes on-demand

Flexible Dual Playing Modes

2x2 and 6x6, for boundless creativity

Dynamic Read Memory

Record up to 10 hours in mono

High-res Touch Screen Display

Access your features with ease

Industry-leading Loop Capacity

Up to 36 in a single song

Industry-Leading Memory System and Connection

If you have a BeatBuddy or MIDI Maestro, Aeros will sync with them
automatically via MIDI. Once connected, auto quantize your loops to the
measure of the beat, utilize powerful Aeros functionality with a single
button press and more. The built-in Quick Start Guide will get you up
and running fast, and detailed changelogs keep record of every new

Take songwriting and performance to the next level. Spark your creativity
and do more of what you love. Aeros users get access to feature-packed Firmware Updates, bringing diverse new abilities to your looper pedal. You can download them over Wi-Fi with one press.

Seamlessly Integrate with your BeatBuddy

The Aeros and BeatBuddy feature a plug and play integration, easily syncing song start, transitions and song stop via MIDI.

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Seamlessly Integrate with your MIDI Maestro

Using the MIDI Maestro’s built in Aeros mode, you can gain access to a plethora of powerful MIDI commands like reverse, fade to mute, part selection and more all with a single press of a button.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Best on the market

My dream pedal. Best thing i own!


Amazing pedal, i use it for recording




Love this pedal!

Jerry Guttman
Aeros Looper

Works really well especially with the latest firmware. Be sure to turn off active logging since it creates pops and clicks in your recordings. It is very easy to undo mistakes. I really like the 6 x 6 mode. It is satisfactory for creating parts for most popular songs.