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Aeros Loop Studio

The next-gen looper pedal with parallel and sequential looping

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Meet the Aeros Loop Studio

Transcend boundaries with the Aeros multi-track looper pedal. Create and perform with simultaneous parallel and sequential loops. That's up to 6 song parts (sequential loops) each with up to 6 tracks layered over each other (parallel loops). Plus, experiment with unlimited overdubs for limitless live looping action. 

The Aeros offers two modes, 2x2 and 6x6, letting you choose between a clean and simple setup, or an expansive field of creative power. Adjust track levels live with the on-board Mixing Mode. Color-coded cues and waveforms help you easily navigate your songs on the touch-enabled screen. Edit, overdub, save and export songs, all with the tap of a foot. The Aeros Loop Studio brings powerful 32-bit floating point processing and 24-bit recording for studio-quality sound.

The Aeros offers incredible connection with the BeatBuddy. When synced, you can auto-quantize your loops to the beat, transition between song parts in any order, stop/start, undo/redo, pause your performance, and more. With multiple inputs and outputs, our loop pedal is designed to complement your unique style. Use any instrument, sing vocals, or connect with other pedals. 

Parallel and Sequential

Looping Capabilities

Write complete songs with multiple tracks


Live Mixing View

Adjust track volumes on-demand


Dual Playing Modes

2x2 and 6x6, for boundless creativity

Innovative, Adaptive

Dynamic Read Memory

Record up to 10 hours in mono


Touch Screen Display

Access your features with ease


Cues and Waveforms

Stay locked in to your performance


Loop Capacity

Up to 36 in a single song

Industry-Leading Memory System and Connection

The Aeros Loop Studio is engineered with our Dynamic Read memory system. By continuously loading and saving songs as you play, the Aeros offers 10 hours of mono recording memory (up to 20 minutes per song!). Our drive to innovate and improve our loop station has cemented it as one of the best looper pedals on the market.

Take songwriting and performance to the next level. Spark your creativity and do more of what you love. Aeros users get access to feature-packed Firmware Updates, bringing diverse new abilities to your looper pedal. You can download them over Wi-Fi with one press.

Technical Specifications


Looper Pedal with Digital Mixer


6 x Song Parts, 6 x Stereo Tracks, Unlimited Song Memories

Looping Time

20 Minutes Mono (1-track), 48hrs Mono (Max Memory w/ 32GB Card)


Reverse, Fade In/Out


4 (L/R Main + Aux L/R)


7 x Digital

Signal Processing

32-bit Floating Point

Sample Rate


Bit Depth



2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R), 1 x 1/4" TRS (Stereo Aux)


2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R), 1 x 1/4" TRS (Stereo Aux)


5-pin In/Out


1 x Micro-B

Other I/O

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Bypass Switching

Digital Dry Through


Internal, SD Card (up to 32gb, Not Included)


4.3" Diagonal, Touch Enabled

Power Source

9V DC Power Supply (Included)

Power Usage









2 lbs. 4 oz.